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A Handy List of Slack Apps for Marketing and Sales Teams


Amazingly designed, the interface is easy to understand
It lets you communicate with your team instantly, wherever you are
It lets you share all types of files
All your communications are placed in the app, so you can refer back to it for reference
Excellent in-app functionality
You can customize your notifications
Each business department has its own specific function, and ideally should have a custom communication solution that streamlines that function. There are a number of third-party apps that integrate with Slack and provide you with unique and nifty solutions.

This list includes Slack apps that marketers and sales personnel will meet.

Marketing Apps that integrate with Slack

1. GetResponse

Get feedback
Get response 2
GetResponse is an email marketing and automation tool that lets you create, schedule, and analyze email campaigns and newsletters. With its Slack integration, you can view the status of subscribers, unsubscribe, open rate and scheduled campaigns.

The Slack channel that you integrate with GetResponse receives a report of the metric you have chosen to monitor. The tool also lets you customize the time and frequency of notifications.

2. Mention

Mention is a web monitoring tool that mentions and reports on your brand and keywords of interest. Using Slack Integration, you can be alerted to mentions without logging into the tool.

The real value in using this integration is when you select for real-time alerts. Many brands are actively seeking real-time marketing opportunities and turning them into powerful PR moments. Additionally, you can use the tool to manage social media customer support for your brand, receive competitor mentions and daily reports.

3. Drum

DrumUp is a social media management and content marketing platform. You can use DrumUp’s Slack Integration to get recommendations and content for your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

You can encourage your team to make the process easier for them. DrumUp’s stack integration allows automatic delivery of content recommendations on any stack channel by keyword or from RSS feeds.

4. Marker

Marker is a screen capture and annotation tool that lets you capture screenshots while browsing the Internet.

Marker’s Chrome extension allows you to capture and annotate sections of your screen, and then distribute the resulting image to any Slack channel. Let’s say you want to share unsubscribed numbers and ask a teammate to analyze what went wrong on your previous email newsletter, or you want to show your peers an interesting example that you can use on your app / What you want to create for the website, you can do with the marker. .

5. Growthbot

Development bot
GrowthBot is an intelligent slack assistant who brings you marketing and sales related content quickly.

Some of this material that you may receive will save you a lot of time. For example, you can ask GrowthBot to search and report the top 10 Twitter users in your city or the top 10 posts on The device does not have a fixed list of attributes. You can do something by writing “Hello” and then “Prompt me”.

6. Statesboat

Statistics bot
StatsBot is an analytics monitoring tool that distributes reports to your Slack channels. The tool is integrated with Google Analytics, Salesforce and Mixpanel, and pulls specific metrics from your reports to see you from Slack.

The tool alerts you when there is a sharp spike in critical metrics, so you can monitor your revenue or subsequent engagement of the campaign.

7. Zippy

Slack bot lets you send random GIFs to your peers. Use the tool by writing an emotional description of the GIF you want to send.

Social media management can be a stressful task, especially for managers handling social support. GIFs can help lighten the mood and keep team members busy and positive. What you send always surprises, making it extra fun for the sender and recipient.

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