The Small Business Guide on How to Create Simple Branded Videos

2015 can be seen as the year of video in the world of marketing, but despite this, branded video has continued to earn its place in the toolkit of every market throughout the entire period of 2016.

While it may seem that only large companies have the resources to create exceptionally well-made branded videos, you should not let excessive visual, artist-edited elements convince you to make similar videos for your business Can not repeat. You don’t have to be a world-class creative mind with a big budget to produce viable video content that people actually want to see.

If you have the time, patience, and some great tools to get started, your small business can make simple branded videos like a true professional.

What is the video worth watching?

Before you exit the cameras and write the script, you have some questions to address. What are some common features of videos with high view counts? What elements of the video make it different from the rest?

The best videos are not always what you expect, nor will they always manage to generate a mass appeal. The most important element of a video is that it somehow connects with the right target demographic. Good music, special effects and creative elements all play an equally important role to achieve this goal, but they too can end up on the way.

In the end, the best video is the one that is viewable and has some kind of replay value. It is up to you to look beyond sheer cinematography and examine how much intrinsic ability your video has to bring to the viewer (s).

For small businesses, the best marketing videos typically feature about one of the following signs:

Teach the viewer to do something

Better yet, show them how to do everyday work using your product is quite easy. How-to videos have been wildly successful.

Take Tasty for example. This YouTube channel has proved the effectiveness of reducing videos. Delicious has seen millions and millions of times, showing various cuisines. So far, he has about 40 videos, has been viewed more than a million times, and is on the verge of a very high million mark.

The audience’s heartbeat (evoking an emotional response)

Including any kind of emotional reaction within an audience is a good thing (except perhaps anger and hatred). By tapping into people’s emotional impulses, you are managing to associate your brand and product with the special memories that people have.

Whether they are about their children growing up, losing people close to them, or any other special pastime of yours, you can tap into this aspect of the consumer’s mind and create positive relationships about people and your product. Can make For example, this Chevrolet commercial enters the hearts of dogs with relative ease (who is cutting onions on this post?) The effectiveness of these types of video ads goes without saying.

Demonstration of use of a product

There is nothing like showing your product at work, intended to do so. Without a doubt, this is the foundation of infomercials. Despite this, if your product is interesting enough, then this route is definitely an option. It is simply a matter of having the ability to sell the product.

You can also put a weird twist on more mundane products like soap. Consider this feminine body wash advertisement as a frame of reference. If a person uses the product, then its use has to be justified. This is a fun twist on the use-of-product model.

Take the viewer behind the scenes

Showing your audience that what you see within your company’s underbelly can pay off big time. It is not necessary to have everything in the advertisement at face value.

The Dollar Beard Club showed how you can emphasize the events happening in a company’s back room, combine it with great ad-copy, fun camera work, and make the whole process a little overpriced. Are, and you consider yourself a very funny advertisement, who looks at the eclipse with ease, the million mark.

solve problem

Many of these come in the form of public service announcements. They may also come in the form of product and / or commercial advertisements.

Kmart showed a good example of this. They came up with a play on words with a real problem and made a funny ad out of that. Being a company that solves problems, no matter how big or small, puts you outside the purview of pure selfishness and taking care of your image as an audience for your money rather than just another company. Allows to keep it as a friend.

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