Why is Apple’s Marketing Just So Darn Good

Apple may go head to head with other manufacturers such as Samsung to attract consumer attention, but Apple has never done a race-to-bottom price war.

They don’t try to compete on price, and they don’t have to

Steve Jobs and his team excelled in manufacturing and marketing consumer products that consumers liked. Apple’s marketing is so effective, in fact, that it has become a benchmark for other companies who want to achieve the same global popularity, revenue growth and living power.

Apple’s marketing is built on simplicity

Apple products speak for themselves. How Apple has continuously increased its marketing while keeping the messaging and visuals simple. Most marketing is free from things like feature lists, pricing or expensive special effects.

ipad2 billboard

They know that the product will sell itself without relying on pomp and circumstance. They had gone on to sell over 1.5 billion products, with stripped-down content and simple advertising.

The logo is a perfect example of his simplicity – a simple apple shape, missing a chunk. There are no clever words to accompany it – none is necessary. Why rely on words when visuals will suffice?

According to the CEB, the most effective way to sell a product to a consumer is through complex advertisements, attractive websites, or hyper-flowed ad copy. You reach them by simplifying the decision making process.

Apple statistics

The Powerful Narrative
Steve Jobs built Apple around a particular set of core values ​​and a customer-centric narrative. Instead of merely seeing operations as “operations”, the company makes a point to show that they stand for something in every aspect of the operation.

Apple is about enriching the lives of its consumers. This is everything they do:

Employee cards remind us of the importance of company values
Salespeople get paid without commissions, allowing them to focus on helping customers rather than closing sales
Play field for children of Apple customers
genius Bar
Part of Apple’s statement is how they overcame challenges in the early days of startup, and how Steve Jobs and his team led Apple to greatness through innovation. This is the kind of narrative people relate to – one that draws their heartbeat and connects them to a brand.

Consistency from product to core value reinforces audience confidence. It tells a customer that they can always count on you to deliver on their promise.

You see the same narratives in companies such as Beard Brand, Burt’s Bees, and Nike who use powerful, moving stories to elevate the brand and make lasting connections to better engage their customers.

Reach Consumer Emotions with Right Language

Apple has clearly gone to great lengths to understand its target customer; How they think, how they speak, the language they use, their habits, their likes, dislikes and more. They know how to talk to customers in their own language, not trying to talk to them like a sales person.

Such understanding creates a wonderful bond between the prospective customer and the brand and a lasting relationship for the existing customer.

Pc vs mac ad

The PC vs Mac ads show that Apple understands a frustrated PC user in search of a better solution. It is a simple language-spoken advertisement that any potential customer can understand.

There was no jargon or explanation that could be misleading for a basic PC user, and such an approach continues to win a lot of customers.

Other advertisements show happy people having a good time with the simplicity of their iPads. This consistent display of positive emotion is the driving force behind the sale. They are not selling more storage, or more battery life.

Apple is selling a sense of contentment happiness coming from a simple lifestyle; One result of owning an Apple product.

Apple sunset photo

They make mystery and buzz
Typically, when a company launches a product, the marketing team will leave knowledge on the audience and reveal all the information that comes up. The intention is to get customers excited about telling them everything about a product.

Apple takes a different approach, creating excitement by withholding information about new products as they tease it. Creating secrets around product launches is one of their best marketing strategies.

It’s an approach that turns existing customers into crazy fans, scouring the web for more information and sharing what they find. It also helps in turning heads by tapping into the curiosity of potential customers.

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