Predicting the Euros in 60 seconds in group. A, I’m gonna pick Germany in Switzerland. Bane will top the group then Croatia. I’m gonna go with England. Of course Denmark Second, France goes on top, Netherlands group e will be Belgium, Ukraine, Portugal will top group Followed by turkey? Now we need to pick four third, place teams, Italy, hungry, Austria, Romania. I like Austria going into this tournament, but I’m gonna pick, Spain. Germany will beat Denmark. Definitely taking Portugal. I’m gonna go with Netherlands hungry is an interesting team, but I’m gonna go with Belgium. France will be turkey, England will beat Romania. I’m gonna pick Russia. That could go either way. I’m gonna go with Germany. I’m gonna go with Portugal. Belgium vs France. I’m gonna go with France, I’m gonna go with England, Germany. Vs portugal. I’m gonna say, Portugal, I I need it. I’m gonna say Germany, France vs England. Let me know what you think in the comments. France are winners. Nah I’m gonna say England ever exist in Germany versus England. Final England have Harry Kane. I’m gonna go with England to win the Euros,

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