Predicting the Copa America 2024 in short time. for group 8, I’m choosing Argentina and Chile, I’m gonna say, Ecuador finished top above Mexico. Now Uruguay with bielsa is one of the best teams in the tournament. They’re definitely going to top group C and then I’m going to choose the US. I’m gonna say Brazil finish top and then Colombia would mean Argentina plays Mexico in the first quarter final and I think everyone would agree. Argentina would move on. Quarterfinal number two is actually interesting has a second oldest Squad in the tournament whereas Ecuador has one of the youngest I’m just gonna choose his team. I want, which is Ecuador. I am gonna pick Uruguay, but Colombia just be the U.S 5-1. These two actually just played. They tied one one, but in the America, I’m gonna back Brazil, Argentina versus Ecuador, let’s be honest Argentina’s just too strong. This semi-final could be the final on its own. Not only did Uruguay beat Argentina, but they also beat Brazil and World Cup qualifiers. And this Brazil team is actually one of the most inexperienced in the whole tournament. I’m gonna say Uruguay go through that would set up Argentina versus Uruguay in the final in this could go either way let me know your predictions but this Argentina team Issues

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